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About Us




2000 YILDIZ WELDING, is a welding machines design and manufacture company, which pursues the market resources within a rapidly developing and competitive sector and takes the advantage of the possibilities offered by these resources in order to compete in the welding machines sector.






  • 2000 YILDIZ WELDING, targets to offer high-tec production with adequate prices to the market in its sector of operation – the welding machines manufacture.

  • 2000 YILDIZ WELDING, operates on a basis of professionally accommodated labour division which is carried throughout a carefully planned operating system and strategically organized team work.

  • 2000 YILDIZ WELDING has the main principle of making cooperative operations at the target markets of the sector with international corporations for improving design and manufacture.  The company intends to make efficient use of the resources that are sustained by the international markets to the national sector for welding machines production, design and improvement of production  quality.

  • 2000 YILDIZ WELDING, foresees achievement in developing and improving  the corporate values and traditions of a firm with a long-standing past, an outstanding business training,  and the company’s loyal customers.

  • 2000 YILDIZ WELDING considers its workforce to be the most valuable resource of the company and aims to maintain quality and innovative design in manufacture by providing a satisfactory working environment for the company staff.

  • 2000 YILDIZ WELDING, measures the eventual outcome of its operations with the increase in its assets and the market share. To  this purpose:

  • The company targets playing at the top of the sector by continuously improving its style of business operations, creativity in design and technology by employing the know-how resources of the company and know-how resources in general. The company have adopted employing automation procedures in welding and customized production as the firm’s fundamental marketing strategy in the intermediate term.

  • Aims to make efficient use of corporate assets and to create ready cash in order to sustain continuos development of both.

  • Being aware that the resources for production are scarce, our company targets to systematically improve economization in production – a notion which is a corporate tradition in YILDIZ WELDING 2000.



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